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2016 Whit Friday Marches

Having enjoyed our first taste of Whit Friday last year, we ventured North again to attend the march contests in Saddleworth, Greater Manchester. This time our logistics worked out better than last year, and we managed to attend contests in 7 villages, at Lydgate, Grotton, Lees, Scouthead, Delph, Diggle and Dobcross. At each one we marched up before being adjudicated on our performance of 'Bravura' by George Allan. Brighouse and Rastrick followed us at the first three venues, and ended up winning the overall Saddleworth area prize, so we didn't put them off!

The weather forecast on the day was terrible, but we got the first five villages in before the rain started, and even saw some sunshine at Grotton! But when the rain came it was very heavy. Our NFB green ponchos came in handy at Diggle and Dobcross. Luckily there were band rooms at the last two venues for us to shelter in and seek refreshment. Our results were mixed, but we were particularly pleased with the outcome at Delph, where we were placed in the top half of a large field of competitors. Despite the weather we had a great time, and topped it off with a drink back at the hotel at the end of the night. Thank you to all the band and our guests Stacey, James, Lois, John, Wendy, Stewart, Bill and Ted for making it such a good weekend.

NFB on stage at Grotton

Whit Friday Marches
Date: Friday 20th May 2016
Venue: Saddleworth, Greater Manchester
Test Piece: 'March: Bravura', George Allan

Adjudicator: Derek Southcott
Winner: Fairey
NFB placing: 55 out of 71
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Adjudicator: Stephen Tighe
Winner: Milnrow
NFB placing: 32= out of 47
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Adjudicator: Alan Fernie
Winner: Birmingham Conservatoire
NFB placing: 26 out of 46
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Adjudicator: Jonathan Pippen
Winner: Fairey
NFB placing: 56 out of 74
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Adjudicator: Mike Kilroy
Winner: Brighouse & Rastrick
NFB placing: 31 out of 80
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Adjudicator: Simon Kerwin
Winner: Hepworth
NFB placing: 55 out of 59
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Adjudicator: Alan Widdop
Winner: Hepworth
NFB placing: 49 out of 70
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