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2015 Whit Friday Marches

For the first time in the band's history, we made the long trek north to compete in the Whit Friday marches in Saddleworth, near Manchester. It was an amazing experience to take part in such a traditional event, as we joined 125 other bands, including top class bands like Black Dyke and Brighouse and some entertaining scratch bands. The atmosphere was fantastic and we played to some large crowds who were very supportive. Especially memorable was being cheered down the street in Delph and playing in the twilight at Dobcross.

We took part in five contests at Scouthead, Denshaw, Delph, Dobcross and Diggle. Our results improved through the night and we were reasonably happy with our placing given the level of competition! Most importantly, we had a great time and hope to go again!

NFB marching at Denshaw

Whit Friday Marches
Date: Friday 29th May 2015
Venue: Saddleworth, Greater Manchester
Test Piece: 'March: The Silver Badge', William Rimmer

Adjudicator: Jonathan Pippen
Winner: Brighouse & Rastrick
NFB placing: 52 out of 69
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Adjudicator: Allan Holdsworth
Winner: Black Dyke
NFB placing: 47 out of 66
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Adjudicator: Mike Kilroy
Winner: Fairey
NFB placing: 41 out of 77
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Adjudicator: Dr Robert Childs
Winner: Black Dyke
NFB placing: 31 out of 69
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Adjudicator: Simon Kerwin
Winner: Oldham (Lees)
NFB placing: 31 out of 63
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