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2011 Wessex Winter Contest

Yet again, New Forest Brass have finished second in a contest! According to the adjudicator, we gave a "polished performance" of Philip Sparke's Saint-Saens Variations, which was awarded 10th place in the overall standings, and second place in the fourth section competition.

A good result, as we finished above the entire third section field and also beat bands from the first and second sections. Unfortunately, it was not quite enough to retain the fourth section title, but we have still had a very good year's contesting!

Wessex Winter Contest

Wessex Winter Contest
Date: Saturday 26th November 2011
Venue: Weymouth Pavilion
Test Piece: Own choice
Adjudicator: Captain David Barringer

Fourth Section

  1. Andover Town, Steve Large
  2. New Forest Brass, Ian Luxford
  3. Wilton & District Youth Band, Colin Herbert
  4. Gosport Solent Brass, Richard Horn
  5. Swindon Brass, Fran Cowley
  6. Test Valley Brass, WITHDRAWN

Overall standings (Band, Conductor, Grading, Draw):

  1. Lydbrook Band, Ian Holmes, Championship, 6
  2. Horsham Borough Band, Linda Cole, 1st, 5
  3. Woodfalls Band, Gareth Prichard, Championship, 2
  4. Hyde, Helen Kinder, 1st, 12
  5. Ocean Brass, Jonathan Camps, 1st, 20
  6. Shrewton Silver Band, Michael Dunford, 1st, 16
  7. Verwood Concert Brass, Kevin Smith, 1st, 1
  8. Swindon Pegasus Brass, Mike Lock, 2nd, 14
  9. Andover Town Band, Steve Large, 4th, 19
  10. New Forest Brass, Ian Luxford, 4th, 18
  11. Michelmersh Silver Band, Melvin White, 1st, 3
  12. Wilton & District Youth Band, Colin Herbert, 4th, 4
  13. Bath Spa, David Walker, 2nd, 17
  14. Gillingham Imperial, Paul Williams, 3rd, 9
  15. Corsham, John Griffin, 3rd, 13
  16. Weymouth Concert Brass, Adam Glynn, 3rd, 8
  17. Gosport Solent Brass, Richard Horn, 4th, 11
  18. Tadley Concert Brass, Paul Chapman, 3rd, 10
  19. Swindon Brass, Fran Cowley, 4th, 7
  20. Test Valley Brass, WITHDRAWN, 4th, 15

Adjudicator's remarks