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2017 Wessex Winter Contest

We took part in the Wessex Winter Contest again in Bournemouth. This year we played Olympus by Philip Harper. We enjoyed rehearsing the piece and this year featured training band member Judith on timpani for the first time - well done Judith! The performance went reasonably well and we were awarded 2nd place in the Second Section. Afterwards we celebrated with curry back in Southampton. Now we turn to Christmas music in December, playing a number of concerts and carol services around the New Forest area, before we return in the new year to rehearse more Philip Harper music for the Areas in March.

Wessex Winter Contest

Wessex Winter Contest
Date: Saturday 25th November 2017
Venue: Life Centre, Moordown, Bournemouth
Test Piece: Own choice
Adjudicator: Stan Lippeatt

Second Section

  1. Andover Town Band, Steve Large
  2. New Forest Brass, Ian Luxford
  3. City of Bristol, Simon Jones
  4. Weston Brass, Bryn James
  5. Ocean Brass, Martin Humphries

Overall standings (Band, Conductor, Grading, Draw):

  1. Verwood Concert Brass, Kevin Smith, Championship
  2. Bournemouth Concert Brass, Melvin White, 1st
  3. Hyde, Jonathan Lush-Camps, 1st
  4. Andover Town, Steve Large, 2nd
  5. Sherborne Town, Ian Lowes, 1st
  6. New Forest Brass, Ian Luxford, 2nd
  7. City of Bristol, Simon Jones, 2nd
  8. Verwood Town, Emma Button, 4th
  9. Weston Brass, Bryn James, 2nd
  10. Ocean Brass, Martin Humphries, 2nd
  11. Gosport Solent, Colin Garner, 4th
  12. Christchurch & Highcliffe, Lawrence Butchart, Unregistered
  13. Wilton & District, Will Wilkins, 3rd, DISQUALIFIED

Adjudicator's remarks