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2014 Wessex Winter Contest

We took part in the Wessex Winter Contest in Bournemouth on Saturday. We were drawn to play as band number 1, so had a very early start. After playing the national anthem, we were pleased with our performance of Gregson's 'Variations on Laudate Dominum', although there were only a handful of people in the audience to appreciate it!

The contest again used an audio adjudication format where the adjudicator provided spoken commentary on our performance as it was being recorded live. Although we were a little disappointed with our placing of 14th overall and 5th in the Third Section, we still received some positive comments and also beat several bands from higher national gradings.

For the first time ever, we competed on an international front, as one of our competitors came from Switzerland! Afterwards, we had a party at Tim and Lauren's. We are now looking forward to next year when we will be promoted to the Second Section!

Wessex Winter Contest

Wessex Winter Contest
Date: Saturday 29th November 2014
Venue: Life Centre, Moordown, Bournemouth
Test Piece: Own choice
Adjudicator: Paul Holland

Third Section

  1. Andover Town Band, Steve Large
  2. Bath Spa, David Walker
  3. Musikgesellschaft Mühlau, Martin Aregger
  4. Swindon Brass, Francis Cowley
  5. New Forest Brass, Ian Luxford
  6. Gillingham Imperial, Jim Bennett

Overall standings (Band, Conductor, Grading, Draw):

  1. A.W. Parker (Drybrook), Josh Ruck, 2nd, 18
  2. Michelmersh Silver Band, Melvin White, Championship, 10
  3. Bournemouth Concert Brass, Nigel Taken, Championship, 13
  4. Verwood Concert Brass, Kevin Smith, 1st, 3
  5. Hyde, Jonathan Lush-Camps, 1st, 14
  6. Andover Town Band, Steve Large, 3rd, 6
  7. Poole Borough, Chris Davis, 2nd, 11
  8. Ocean Brass, Edward March, 2nd, 17
  9. Bath Spa, David Walker, 3rd, 5
  10. Musikgesellschaft Mühlau, Martin Aregger, 3rd, 7
  11. Corsham, Colin Hogg, 4th, 9
  12. Swindon Brass, Francis Cowley, 3rd, 8
  13. Denmead Brass, Estelle Flood, 2nd, 12
  14. New Forest Brass, Ian Luxford, 3rd, 1
  15. Verwood Town, Emma Button, 4th, 15
  16. Gillingham Imperial, Jim Bennett, 3rd, 16
  17. Downton, Paul Williams, 2nd, 2
  18. Chichester City, Tim Cooper, 2nd, 4
  19. Spinnaker Brass, WITHDRAWN, 4th, 19
  20. Woodfalls, WITHDRAWN, Championship, 20

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