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2013 Wessex Winter Contest

Our recent run of good contest results unfortunately came to an end as our performance of Darkness Visible did not find favour with the adjudicator. Shame, as we thought we played ok, including excellent tubular bell work from Kizzy despite never having played the part on tubular bells before the contest day! In the end, it was a high class field of bands, with most of the bands graded in higher sections than us, so we shouldn't be too disappointed. A few things to work on, but looking forward to Torquay next year where hopefully we will be back on track.

Wessex Winter Contest

Wessex Winter Contest
Date: Saturday 30th November 2013
Venue: Life Centre, Moordown, Bournemouth
Test Piece: Own choice
Adjudicator: Duncan Beckley

Third Section

  1. Andover Town, Steve Large
  2. New Forest Brass, Ian Luxford

Overall standings (Band, Conductor, Grading, Draw):

  1. Woodfalls Band, Phil Randell, Championship, 12
  2. Michelmersh Silver Band, Melvin White, 1st, 8
  3. Otterbourne Brass, Gareth Pritchard, 1st, 6
  4. Hyde, Helen Kinder, 1st, 13
  5. Ocean Brass, Jonathan Lush-Camps, 2nd, 5
  6. Sandhurst Silver Band, Ian McElligott, 1st, 7
  7. A.W. Parker (Drybrook), Josh Ruck, 2nd, 4
  8. Verwood Concert Brass, Kevin Smith, 1st, 1
  9. Shrewton Silver Band, Michael Dunford, 1st, 10
  10. Andover Town Band, Steve Large, 3rd, 2
  11. Corsham, Colin Hogg, 4th, 14
  12. Swindon Brass, Francis Cowley, 4th, 3
  13. New Forest Brass, Ian Luxford, 3rd, 11
  14. Bournemouth Concert Brass, WITHDRAWN, Championship, 9

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